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PIN superstraps outdoor gear solidworks engineering
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PIN superstraps kickstarter solidworks rendering
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PIN superstraps animation solidworks

After several successful Kickstarter campaigns and appearing on Shark Tank, Better Back engineered their second product geared towards improving back health and feeling better every day. The SuperStraps alleviate pressure of backpack straps on the collar bone. This is accomplished in the same way thumb loops are used to pull the straps away from pressure points and shift weight. With a rough prototype and engineering already completed by BetterBack, we jumped in to assist in finalizing details, simulating complex geometry, and creating bold visuals.

"Loophole is extraordinary. We worked with Rob to bring lackluster product renderings to life. He absolutely blew us away with his skill and dedication, vastly exceeding our expectations. He is a true gem and I can't wait to work with him on our next project!"Katherine