CueBro Audio

How Cuebro remixed the stock audio business model

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Cuebro (kyoo/broh) is a boutique record and production company that crafts custom audio. They are comprised of creative thinkers with deep recording and musical knowledge. They have big ears, big hearts and understand the importance of customizing audio to fit the demanding needs of our clients. Whether producers are looking for a fully orchestrated score or just a solid beat, Cuebro has the resources to help you create the most unique product possible.

Cuebro set out to challenge the stock audio giants by offering both original commissioned work as well as the agility to remix and alter an audio library. Cuebro assembled two studios and a team several independent producers and artists as it’s core team.

The framework sessions lead to a very unique brand that merged influences as eclectic as it’s team: ‘A Funky Soul Retro Sophisticated Urban but Analog Moorish Cuban Terry Gilliam.’ The challenge of defining core attributes had never been so divergent.

The process took off in a true freeform improv session with hints of the company’s characters surfacing and receding. It became apparent that the brand required a complete ecosystem of elements to be mixed for each use to truly reflect the business mantra.

The name was born from a mix of the two record labels and landed a six letter URL. A simple Logotype was developed to offset the stronger brand attributes. An analog music writing machine, termed the Cuezaphone, was created to become an atypical logomark to supplement the clean logotype. These elements were applied over an atmosphere of vintage line patterns, moorish pattern stamps, a card catalog aesthetic, and fine woods.