Custom Handbags

How Loophole built online mass customization for a start-up

Interaction Design, 

A handbag company fueled by the mantra to "change your style and together we change the world." and inspired by women who desired to become leaders driven to inspire fashion trends while making a difference. They realized that the landscape of online retail is quickly changing as consumers want to customize products to reflect their individual style beyond selecting a size and color. The result was a line of custom handbags that are hand crafted one at a time in their local workshop with great pride while supporting international organizations to stop human trafficking. The site uses a custom mass-customization engine developed in-house to render each custom handbag server-side in real-time. This experience allows consumers to craft custom designs that can be instantly copied, saved, and shared on social media. The shared designs are streamed to a trending page to further inspire customers as well as provide data to drive future styles, features and materials.




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