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Father Unknown Film

A documentary, from animation to branding

Interaction Design, 

PIN father unknown home
PIN father unknown movie poster
PIN father unknown scherenschnitte scissors
PIN father unknown branding process
PIN father unknown branding process overhead
PIN father unknown animation code
PIN father unknown dragonfly flight animation
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David Quint, filmmaker and director of FATHER UNKNOWN approached Loophole to provide branding, website development, print collateral design and explore Flash as a medium to fill in backstory on his most recent feature length film. With David’s inspiration from another film completed entirely in Flash and knowledge of our illustration and ActionScript chops, the adventure began. The end result was a unique vision of traditional art, Scherenschnitte completed with a non-traditional animation process written in code. This striking animation is intertwined into the documentary, Father Unknown that was selected for the Starz Denver Film Festival.

"You really kicked ass. Thank you so much! There is a lot of whoooHOOOOOing over here."KT! Eaton, Producer