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Grippul 2


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After a year since crafting the hashtag #GrippulTheory and watching Beast Fingers Climbing build an enthusiastic community on Instagram, we helped to improve upon the successes of the original Grippul. The new version is significantly lighter, has more bolting positions, an integrated ledge, and promotes further training creativity—How do you Grippul?

In addition to the new Grippul, we staggered agile product development cycles of the the Grippul 2.0 with the Grippul XL Modular Hangboard, Grippul Gym Rack, and Grippul Smart Platform.

"Thank you for what you did for us in helping us achieve a valuable product that exceeded our expectations. Loophole provided quality advice on manufacturing, production, and helping us understand how to successfully launch a new product. And communicating technical details with our manufacturer where we were unable. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals, and we are now approaching our 2 year anniversary since you took our prototype and made the Grippul reality!"