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Grippūl Original Grip Trainer

From 5.0 to 5.15a in 360°

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PIN grippul rock climbing grip industrial design
PIN grippul climbing outdoor gear prototype
PIN grippul rock climbing gear packaging design
PIN grippul rapid prototyping
PIN grippul granite limited edition
PIN grippul beastfingers header by grey satterfield
PIN Grippul climbing grip system
PIN grippul red earth treks climbing gyms
PIN grippul red earth treks retail

We know first hand that climbing requires a balance of physical skills that are difficult to isolate, yet hand physique lacks the means to measure, track, and evaluate. The Grippūl provides a grip training tool to measure and improve grip strength for any athlete. The Grippūl was designed with a solid aluminum body with a full 360° of variable integrated pinch grips and multiple offset grip mounts that allows the difficulty to be changed as quickly as clipping into the next bolt. This small innovation of directional difficulty inspired Tension's Quad Crimp which is offered exclusively with the Grippūl.

Start to track your Grippūl strength. Share your #GrippulTheory with @BeastFingersClimbing on Instagram and Twitter.

Check out the next generation of Grippul here: The Grippul 2.0


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