Low Cost Water Filter

Not Just Clear Water, Safe Water.

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Providing access to safe drinking water is the easiest way to directly impact health, happiness, and productivity. It is our primary responsibility to listen and take time to deeply understand the challenges first hand.

"The Amazon is one of the most challenging rivers in the world. If we solve the problem in Peru, the people of Peru solve the problem for the world."
Rob Miller

The Problem

Over 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2,195 Children die every day from diarrhea, more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

The Solution

The low-cost water filter was developed to meet the cultural, economical, and logistical challenges of the third world while being easy to demonstrate, implement, and maintain.

  • Ultra-Fine Filter is a 0.10 micron tubular membrane that eliminates 99.999% of all all harmful bacteria and protozoa without any chemical disinfectant.
  • Protective Shell is engineered for efficient flow and moisture retention with a quick slide-fit allowing any person from 8 to 80 to effortlessly maintain.
  • Modular Design promotes reconfiguration from home water filters to community water farms. With optimized throughflow and minimal head pressure, a simple 5 bucket system will provide around 6 liters per minuteā€”if we can keep them full!

Social Design

The low-cost water filter was originally developed and patented in partnership with Roger, who founded Global Access 2030, a 501(c)(3), in 2019.

[UPDATE] Loophole assigned the patent to a for-profit organization to continue filing.

[UPDATE] Global Access 2030 partnered with RheoBlu [now VivoBlu Inc.] to manufacture and supply these amazingly simple filters to GA2030.org.

[UPDATE] Vivoblu, inc. Patent 16/801,058 dated 25 Feb 2019 by Loophole was assigned to a for-profit business to support Global Access 2030 that will provide filters at cost to help those in need.

[UPDATE] Vivoblu, inc. and Vivoblu Water for AllPatent 16/801,058 dated 25 Feb 2019 by Loophole was approved on the claim of a removable protective sleeve.

Next steps

Loophole is part of a collaborative effort to leverage the global social design movement to create greater impact through first-hand research in South America, Central Africa, and South Asia.