ReelFish Seafood

A fresh restaurant brand ecosystem.

Interaction Design,  Branding, 

Reelfish allowed us to serve up a wide scope of our design services and agile turn-around capabilities. To compliment Reelfish’s fresh spin on a fast-casual chippery, we paired a four month quick-start process to craft all of the design assets necessary for a flagship restaurant. After the initial framework session and naming, we designed the company’s brand ecosystem, menus, paper goods, website and signage. The online experience focuses on a user's immediate needs with menu first, location second. The website communicates with an in-store menu board system, updating in real-time with daily seafood deliveries. A one day special or new craft beer is online instantly—That's what fresh is all about!

“We're asked all the time if we're a chain - that alone shows the branding is good.”
Dan, Owner