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Shady Baby Kids Accessories

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PIN shadybaby packaging design for target

ShadyBaby was founded by now-parents Heather and Brian who took an around-the-world trip just before starting a family. While in countries like Thailand and Vietnam, they adopted the local custom of walking with a parasol to help block the relentless summer sun. In Europe, they noticed that most of the children’s buggies were parasol-equipped as well, and wondered what the strollers were wearing back home. ShadyBaby is quickly growing from the boutique market into national retail stores.

Both the initial soft-touch package for boutiques and larger box package for major retail chains were designed with a look and feel to target consumers purchasing a fun baby gift. The design process resulted in a suite of new brand assets that were easily rolled out into tradeshow exhibits, sales sheets, and marketing materials.

"I have to say...the winner for best packaging at the show (KidShow Las Vegas) goes to ShadyBaby!! Oh my gosh, everyone was flipping over this line.


It is a unique product and eye catching priced right ~ they lowered their wholesale price from $17.50 to $13.50 without a heavy minimum for an opening order/no minimums. Their packaging is awesome which makes for easy merchandising and 'ups the value' to the consumer. I am telling you that if these were packaged in a thin vinyl bag with a drawstring or a snap, they wouldn't sell.

Shady Baby was the line I wrote the most orders for. Great job Shady Baby!"Shelley Bostrom, PAD Showroom


Shady Baby