Modern Eye Care

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What if your old device was used to diagnose and prevent blindness?

A Palo Alto start-up, Spect Inc., with a vision to prevent curable blindness with the aid of upcycled mobile technology to scale access to eye care by 1000×. By identifying sight-threatening eye diseases, improving the patient journey, and tracking related health data, we are building a retinal insights platform which will dramatically improve overall health.

Early in Spect's development, a series of Human Centered Design workshops identified challenges and opportunities. We set out to create telemedicine concepts leveraging a bring-your-own-device (byod) solution. This united world class optical research with easily acquired devices.

The goal was to communicate an integrated singular device that is simple for use in every corner of the world. It had to be easy enough that an untrained ophthalmologist can successfully image a patients retina. This was accomplished increasing grip surfaces and reducing on-screen queues to focus the practitioners attention on the lens and the area of a patient's eye requiring imaging.