Delivery Safe

The DeliverySafe was rendered in Solidworks for marketing and promotion while production is kicking into full gear. The DeliverySafe is the world’s first lockable, insulated delivery box that protects the consumer experience, because we all deserve to enjoy what we buy. []

In The Wild

While Rob, owner of Loophole, was camping at a family favorite spot in Colorado, he spotted a well used Grill2Go some twenty years after it was designed! It is always fun to see products endure. At Loophole, we take pride in designing products that last.

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Water For Life Grant

The Water For Life project grant, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Boulder Flatirons, set out to improve the health and well-being of people living in impoverished situations in remote areas of the Amazon. The grant funds provided safe drinking water through the distribution of water filtration systems. Systems were delivered where larger infrastructures and complex systems are less effective. Future plans include testing for continued water safety.

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©2020 Photo by Rob Miller

Air Quality Matters

The solar powered air quality station was modeled in Solidworks for documentation, marketing, and promotion. These units are now being deployed around various drilling sites to measure VOC emissions in part-per-billion concentrations. The integrated meteorological station combines weather and emissions data for real-time source apportionment reporting to the cloud via 4G connectivity.

Zen and the Art of Design Research

Loophole is in Portland conducting group research, interviews, and demonstrations for a new product prototype. Our intent was to have an audience that experiences clouds or rain more than half the year. For three days the skies were endless blue.

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Social Design in Peru (1/2)

Loophole traveled down Peru as a volunteer to distribute and test low cost water filters in the remote villages of the Amazon rainforest with Centura Health and the Global Health Initiative.

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©2019 Photo by Rob Miller

Mil Spec

Loophole jumps into a start-up team at any point in the process. With branding and engineering 75% complete, we collaborated with this Colorado start-up create product renderings, promotional gear, and an e-commerce website to launch the business.


Fresh Office Art

We invited local illustrator and designer, Eric Wedum to provide us with some fresh art to replace our samurai.

Patent Pending

We are driven to elevate the value of Intellectual Property (IP) that our clients can leverage to spark growth and innovation. Today we filed one of several patents underway for this year and are proud to be a part of this start-ups family. More to come.