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One Day, Two Kickstarters

We just finished working on two Kickstarter campaigns that both launched today—one is already funded! Congratulations to everyone involved.


Jordan over at Kreddle has been busy developing violin accessories to improve player positioning. The new chinrest profiles and cushion build upon the original Kreddle chinrest system and philosophy. [Kreddle on Kickstarter]


Katherine and crew at BetterBack care about posture and ergonomics and are continuously developing products to minimize and alleviate pain and strain that we all cause our bodies daily. [BetterBack on Kickstarter]

Check the campaigns out. A backing of just a $1 to show your support would be super rad of you, and help us get these campaigns to the popular page.

High five!


Mil Spec


Loophole jumps into a start-up team at any point in the process. With branding and engineering 75% complete, we collaborated with this Colorado start-up create product renderings, promotional gear, and an e-commerce website to launch the business.

Plastic Injection Molding 101

In this concise nine minute video, Bill details the key engineering principles underlying plastic injection molding and design for manufacture. He describes the history and the basic process. (source: youtube.com/watch?v=RMjtmsr3CqA)

This video may change how you look at everyday plastic parts. Go ahead and slide the battery cover off your remote and find the artifacts of manufacture. Then pause. Know more than you did a few minutes ago. You’re welcome.