Loophole Product Design and Development | Denver, Colorado

Kréddle Engineering


The Kréddle was conceived by a violinist for violinists by listening to musician’s desires. The primary goal was to provide a feather weight solution with an unprecedented level of adjustment. Kréddle was engineered around three adjustments—tilt, pitch, and height. [view case study]

Bespoke Fashion


A Wisconsin based handbag company has been adored for their bespoke handbags for nearly a decade. With a new name Carry Lovely, a fresh strategy, and refined designs, they approached us to create a design tool for a retail point of purchase kiosk and online social and sales environment. With the immediate requirements of a start-up, we customized an e-commerce solution with a responsive layout to provide mass customization by pushing an existing database structure to the limits of product variation with a new tool from Engraft that allows real time rendering of custom products. These product variations render over a million options and allow the user to share their designs and set social handbag trends.

Plastic Injection Molding 101

In this concise nine minute video, Bill details the key engineering principles underlying plastic injection molding and design for manufacture. He describes the history and the basic process. (source: youtube.com/watch?v=RMjtmsr3CqA)

This video may change how you look at everyday plastic parts. Go ahead and slide the battery cover off your remote and find the artifacts of manufacture. Then pause. Know more than you did a few minutes ago. You’re welcome.

Fresh Office Art

We invited local illustrator and designer, Eric Wedum to provide us with some fresh art to replace our samurai.

Patent Pending

We are driven to elevate the value of Intellectual Property (IP) that our clients can leverage to spark growth and innovation. Today we filed one of several patents underway for this year and are proud to be a part of this start-ups family. More to come.