While camping in Colorado, I spotted a well used Grill2Go some twenty years after I designed it! It is always fun to see products live long lives.

The Grill2Go was revolutionized the portable market that was dominated by tiny grills that where difficult to clean. Initially tasked with finding an application for a new gas fueled cook surface technology; The team settled on tailgating.

Design research was conducted into cooking requirements and mechanics. The grill has the ideal surface area for feeding a small group while having the cooking comfort of a full-sized grill or the compactness of a typical tailgate grill. It was originally marketed on an infomercial and outsold annual marketing projections by five hundred percent in the first few months. Later, the Grill2Go Indy car accelerated sales and ignited the entire product category of portable full-height grills.

The Grill 2 Go was awarded a BusinessWeek IDEA award for design.