Water For Life Grant

The Water For Life project grant, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Boulder Flatirons, set out to improve the health and well-being of people living in impoverished situations in remote areas of the Amazon. The grant funds provided safe drinking water through the distribution of water filtration systems. Systems were delivered where larger infrastructures and complex systems are less effective. Future plans include testing for continued water safety.

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Social Design in Peru (1/2)

Loophole traveled down Peru to research, distribute, and test water in remote villages in the Amazon. Rob from Loophole and Roger from Global Access 2030 traveled with Centura Health and the Global Health Initiative.

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Loophole @ Metro State University

Rob Miller, founder of Loophole®, lectured on design research methods from experience with both large brands an small start-ups. We look forward to the real world project outcome that this Metro class has undertaken.

Loophole Presents

Rob Miller of Loophole and Ryan Lee of ThinktoMake present at Industry's first Social Club. Thanks to those who sponsored it and everyone who made it. We had a great turnout. Photo: Industry.