Diagnose Faster

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A Colorado start-up simplified automotive electrical diagnosis by applying design thinking focused on communications between the device, the automotive technician, and the vehicle owner. Initial prototypes consisted of smaller displays, form studies, and flow diagrams led to reframing user experience and design criteria.

DYVO allows the technician to conduct a thorough diagnosis faster; Then accurately communicate the voltage issue to the owner. This greatly reduces anxious wait times, instills confidence, and nearly eliminates costly misdiagnosis.

Without DYVO, a standard volt meter may suggest the part such as a headlight, door lock, or window regulator simply failed. The consumer would pay to replace the part, possibly drive away, and without a doubt conclude that it was not repaired.

DYVO's patented preloading and evaluation tests an entire circuit to instantly display a clear pass or fault based on industry accepted values. DYVO allows a wiring wiggle test to be conducted single-handed along the length of a circuit to locate pesky shorts faster than ever.

DYVO is a game changer.

"My father, who has owned several English sports cars, would quip, 'Lucas, the prince of darkness' in reference to the electrical gremlins that plagued Lucas electronics. I too understand the frustration of diagnosis—I knew we could do better!"
"When it comes to product design, mechanical and industrial engineering, Loophole is at the top-tier. Their rendering ability is so incredible and realistic, it looks better than any professional photography. They listened to my needs, worked with me throughout the project, and took a concept and gave me a tangible product. If you are looking for a company to help you design a product, create renders, 3D printing, or design beautiful eye-catching material, look no further."