STO Responsible

Child-Resistant and Tamper-Evident with Style

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STO Responsible is a cannabis package system that started developing the initial product line and brand identity in Boulder, Colorado. The design criteria was founded on changes in state legislation, entrepreneurial growth, and producers needs. The importance of keeping kids (and our pets) safe while minimizing environmental impact informed every aspect of the design. As research and development progressed the brand emerged—'STO(w)' was our purpose and 'Responsible' became our cause.

The resulting modular system promotes extended use, smart regulatory labeling, various branding opportunities, a stackable retail presence, and upcycling for keeping other items safe. The magic of the STO package system is that it is sealed effortlessly at the time of purchase while a quick single-finger swipe of our patent pending mechanism provides a child-resistant opening with a break-away tab to demonstrate tamper-evidence. A smart little box.