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The Kréddle initiated a paradigm shift in violin ergonomics by crafting the first fully adjustable violin chin rest. The Kréddle was conceived by a violinist for violinists by listening to musician's desires. The primary goal was to provide a feather weight solution with an unprecedented level of adjustment.

The dynamic nature of the Kréddle was engineered around three adjustments—tilt, pitch, and height. The tilt allows the violinist to find just the right relationship between the violin and the bow, the bow and the arm, and the arm to the body. Adjusting the pitch of the kréddle allows the violinist to customize the grip their chin has on the chinrest. Interchangeable posts give players with necks of all different lengths the ability to find the perfect height for their chinrest. This new approach allows musicians to embrace and dance with the instrument by the eliminating strain of adapting to the instrument rather than adjusting it to their natural position.

Made from a carbon fiber composite for amazing strength-to-weight, and hypoallergenic properties—the Kréddle is the first of it's kind.

“Wow, this looks so amazing! I'm excited to see this in the physical world.”Jordan, CEO