Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connection is the key to quality.Charles Eames


Thank you for considering Loophole to submit a proposal for your project. Please give us as much information about your project as possible including whether the work is for an established brand or new business venture and the general project requirements. Please note if you have an official RFP that is available via a website or email.


Loophole works with companies and creative agencies to offer a our approach to design thinking to elevate existing products, grow new products, or just find the loophole in a product catagory. We are excited to guide an Ideation Session, or come with our minds and tools ready to join your team.


The discovery of a Loophole requires approaching a problem from different angles to find solutions to overcome identified challenges. Loophole is a registerd trademark.


Everyone seems to want to move their business to Colorado. I relocated to Colorado in the late ninties and have found it to be the perfect blend of creative energy, active lifestyle, and sunshine—of course. Colorado inspires a unique urban frontier style of entreprenurialism that is rapidly growing. Are you considering Colorado?


Loophole crafts each of our project proposals to align projected budget, anticipated schedule, proposed scope and investment opportunities. Typically, Loophole bills with a flat fee based on the anticipated schedule from an initial project meeting to help you keep project management on target. The fees are drafted based on rates of $100/hour, $3000/week, and $10,000/month with considerations for investment opportunities such as royalties or stock options that may offset design and development investments.


Loophole is always excited to check out work from professionals at the top of thier game. At this time, Loophole is not looking for any designers, engineers, developers, or interns. We do save information from our professional contacts to connect the perfect fit when opportunity arises.

Thank you for contacting Loophole. Your email has been sent.


Loophole® | 3001 Brighton Boulevard No517 Denver CO 80216 | +1 303 887 9308

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